About Us


Contact us:
Email: Copenhagenbakery@live.com
Phone: (631)-754-3256
Address: 75 Woodbine Avenue Northport, New York 11768


Bakery Hours
Sunday – Wednesday 5:30am-6pm

Thursday-Saturday 5pm-10pm

Kitchen Hours
6:30am – 2:00pm Every Day

        Kitchen Reopens:

5:00pm-9:00pm  Thursday-Saturday


About Us:

For 20 years, Copenhagen Bakery has been an integral part of Northport Village. Copenhagen’s staff will always make you feel welcomed and comfortable whether you’re buying a cup of coffee or planning a large catered affair.

Copenhagen Bakery has grown from a small business on the water to a bustling café with tables both inside and outside, serving breakfast and lunch every day until 2pm. In addition, Copenhagen also has ready-made soups, sandwiches, salads, quiches and much more for when you’re on the go.

The bakery’s various menus as well as goods and specialty cake options can all be found at their newly revamped website.

The bakery has an active Loyalty program and App on both the AppStore and GooglePlay. The loyalty program allows you to earn points on all in-store purchases. Loyalty members receive specials discounts after reaching certain point markers as well as annual birthday rewards and more. New members of the loyalty program receive $5 off their next day purchase and can register instore or online.

The bakery prides itself on its “made on premises” approach. Our products are of the freshest quality and are prepared with no preservatives or fillers.

Copenhagen Bakery has more recently become an evening destination in addition to its popular day hours. The hours on Thursday-Saturday have been extended from 6pm to 10pm, the kitchen also reopens at 5 on those days. The evening hours have a unique evening menu for patrons to enjoy a light dinner while watching the sunset or have a relaxing gathering with friends. Evenings also feature our extended coffee and tea menu.

Northport Village has always been the kind of town where people join together to help their neighbors in need, and that’s exactly what Copenhagen Bakery does. From donations of all types of baked goods, to hosting gatherings for Boys and Girl Scouts, Copenhagen is always looking out for others, and giving back to the community that supports it.

Our Backstory:

Once upon a time a young man of 15, who lived on a farm in FYN, Denmark (check out the picture of the little blond kid followed by a group of ducklings in the bakery café) decided he needed a job.  So off he went to make some money.  He found a small job in his hometown and after he had established his worth was asked to help with the “making of the Danish”.  He loved it, and decided that was what he wanted to do as a career. He worked very hard and became an excellent baker to the point where at 21 he was given the opportunity to become an exchange student in Solvang, California and perfect his skills.

Flemming studied and perfected those skills to become a Master Baker, not an easy feat.

While in California, he met his then to be wife Stace. He continued to work in California, but those of you who know Flemming can understand that working for someone else is not his way; he and Stace wanted their own bakery.  So in 1998 they moved to Long Island and stumbled upon the old Chew Chew Bakery in Northport Village, which just happened to be for sale. They struggled with lots of expenses and lots of work – Flemming baked, Stace decorated.

Between 1998 and 2013 their bakery grew and established itself as a “sweet haven” for the Village of Northport; also at that time Flemming and Stace had children, so Flemming worked and Stace raised the kids.

In 2013, after lots of expenses, (an expansion), lots of work and lots of kids (5), Copenhagen Bakery became Copenhagen Bakery and Café. Tables (16) were added in the new Café  seating area and Flemming decided to give the Village an alternative place to eat hot breakfast and lunch.  It worked.

Flemming and Stace have moved on from co-management of the Bakery.  Flemming is now sole manager and to this day is implementing new innovations and has a list of new ideas he wants to incorporate into the business.

Copenhagen Bakery and Café has been an asset to Northport Village for 19 years now. It is a community based business, which gives back to the Huntington area and then some (Flemming loaded his truck and drove to New Orleans to help out hurricane Katrina victims, he has gone out with that same loaded truck and distributed clothes to the very needy poor people both in NYC and Long Island in “midnight madness” runs), in addition his generosity has assisted local and not so local charities with various donations.

The Bakery is open 7 days a week, rain, sleet ….and snow storms, from 5AM each day, every day, give or take Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years (even the baker needs to sleep).  Coffee is always on and the staff is more than happy to greet you and exchange pleasantries. Come on in and say Hi.