Our Dog Spot!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with DogSpot!

We wanted to make sure we were the dog-friendliest bakery around, so we partnered with them to give your pups a much better place to wait for you than the sidewalk. DogSpots are secure, spacious, air-conditioned,
and clean dog houses that also contain a Puppy Cam so you can keep an eye on them while inside. Dogs love it, so we do too! For more information & to sign up, please visit https://dogparker.com/

Our DogSpot is meant to be used to keep your dog safe and happy while you order your food or goods inside the bakery. DogSpot costs 30 Cents a minute and does not generate any revenue for the bakery. We have this service souly to help make our customers lives easier!

Our DogSpots Location: To the right of out main entrance